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Belgaum Airport as on today

Come October Skies of Belgaum to get more busy with more air schedules, thanks to newly expanded Airport and new terminal building which will handle  more aircraft (3 parking bays with class C-Type aircraft normally classified as single aisle jets)  and passengers (300 per flight schedule) .

Thanks to Spicejet which connects Belgaum to Bombay and Bangalore daily with two flights, and will go up to four flights, two daily flights to Bangalore, one each to Chennai and Bombay from 3 Oct 2017

In near future Indigo plans to Mumbai Belgaum Tirpuati, and Ghodawat group which has plans to start a new Airline Starair have got DGCA clearance to operate two Embreaer jets ERJ-145 (ERJ- Embreaer Reginoal Jet) , will be based in Belgaum itself, also plan for Delhi-Mumbai-Tirupati-Chennai schedules, since tire II city Belguam will give an cost advantage of night parking and MRO felicities in future.

Embreaer jets ERJ-145

The PAX load of Belgaum has tremendously increased in recent days, more airlines more competition leading to attractive pricing and more choice and mores felicities .

The global Aerospace company Aequs is also rapidly expanding with its defense manufacturing with lot of DRDO and its associated members flying in and out of Belgaum , Servo controls Aerospace also started its newly expanded facility of 12 acres, and the comment stands true by these entrepreneurs based out of Belgaum, " You fly any aircraft today , it has got the part made in Belgaum"  , A lot of boost with location advantage of Belgaum being equidistant to Bangalore Bombay and Hyderabad  with transit of any parts overnight by road and in an hours time by flight, will lead more traffic and passengers in near future.

Naval plan of Base repair Depot is till on cards the north western part of Airport has a huge tract of land will have the felicities for Boeing P-8 poseidon resonance Aircraft.

Boeing P-8 poseidon

Belgaum also is known for agriculture produce and is also rank high for horticulture export can utilize the old apron and tarmac for smaller cargo aircraft, this will uphold the interest of farmers and agriculturist, not forgetting their contribution in handing over land for expansion

Belguam Aiport being oldest in many way touched many lives of people here , defense ,agriculture academics and off-course not to miss politics too, besides had one of the few private aviation academies for pilot training with Cesna aircraft (Carvair) which moved to Baramati later.

We will get to see a lot more happening in skies of Belgaum soon

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 2020 Plan

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Belgaum New Airport set to Open in July

Belgaum Airport expansion is almost ear completion, and will be inaugurated for traffic and public in July possibly A321 from Indigo will fly from Mumbai Belgaum Tirupati in addition to current Q400 flight from Spice jet serving Bombay and Bangalore sector 

New ATC and Airport Terminal 
Expanded Runway