Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whats More Belgaum is One up for IIT MLA support count up from all sides

BJP MLA drums up support for IIT in Belgaum
Source: www.indianexpress.com

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BANGALORE: Union Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Veerappa Moily may want to express gratitude to his voters of Chikballapur parliamentary constituency by establishing an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) there.

But the legislators in Karnataka, cutting across party lines, have a different desire.

They want the new IIT to be established in Belgaum, the second capital of Karnataka. They have already begun lobbying to have the IIT in the foundry city and have roped in even parliamentarians from Maharashtra and Goa for support.

Abhay Kumar Patil, MLA from Belgaum South Assembly segment, has already obtained signatures of 126 MLAs and 12 ministers from Karnataka.

Eight MPs from Maharashtra and two MPs from Goa have already promised support for the cause.

Patil, who has already hosted three meetings in Belgaum in this regard, is involving retired and working scientists, professors and heads of all educational institutions, including VTU, in addition to the people’s representatives in his efforts.

Next week, a delegation of likeminded people will meet Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa to apprise him about the necessity of having an IIT in Belgaum and to convince him to take a delegation to Union Minister for Human Resources Kapil Sibal, in this matter next month.

The delegation plans to ask for defence research as one of the subjects to be taught at the planned IIT there, since Belgaum has a defence base and that subject is not taught in any other IIT.

Bangalore is already overcrowded with research institutions.

So it is essential to decentralise the system, it is felt.

Since other major cities Mysore and Hubli-Dharwad already have enough institutions, it is the turn of Belgaum to have an IIT, Patil argues.

Once an IIT is established in Belgaum, it will have all the potential to grow faster, since it will have feeder educational institutions from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa states.

Belgaum is located at the centre for these states.

Belgaum has good connectivity by road, by air, by sea and by rail.

There are seven engineering, two medical and 3,200 other educational institutions in Belgaum district alone.

Patil pointed out that Belgaum was next to Bangalore in exporting goods to other countries.

Automobile spares, garments and aluminium powder from Belgaum are exported to many European countries, he added.

Moreover, there is 2,300 acres of government land available at Suttagatti in Belgaum, out of which 800 acres can be given to the IIT immediately, goes the argument in favour of Belgaum.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IIT Belgaum……. would it be a near Reality !!!

The strength of Unity never die or fail, for the first time in Belgaum all the eighteen MLA and and two MPs and our industry bigwigs have come together and forged an alliance for further proceedings of establishment of IIT Belgaum .Thanks to MLA Mr Abhay Patil who has taken the lead for this.

Like VTU though head quartered in Belgaum its center of excellence like Tool room R & D center and E learning studio is based in Mysore , Belgumites must not be discriminated any more and we should have full fledge IIT here at Belgaum. In past when Mr Mahima Patel was in H D Kumarswamys ministry at Delhi brought up the opening of International American university from USA at Belgaum but it never materialized. Hubli Dharwad got IITB Banglore branch, Gulbarga got Central University and Bangaluru have IISC, so It is Belgaum to have IIT now.

Belgaum which is an distinguished place for its industrial strata and acquired global accolades in industrial revolution from starting of Hydraulics to Coach building has got a very valid stand for ITT to be established soon here.

Most prominent personalities of City from Industries , Educational establishment came together and presented and shared information and further road map for establishment of Belgaum IIT which includes , Industrialist Mr.Sudhir Dharekar , Mr Vinay Jathar Mr Vitthal Hegde, Mr Naryan Pai Mr Vishal Hangirkar and Educationalists ,Former IIT Prof Dr Joshi Mr Kori from VTU , KLE Principal Dr S.S. Pilly GIT Principal Dr..D. H. Rao BBCI President Mr .B. Kaggangi. The meeting took place at Hotel Panhmukhi resort in Belgaum.

Support form neighboring states too poured in, Two MPs from Goa & MLAs from Maharashtra mainly Kolhapur district have come forward in their interest and support for establishment of Belgaum IIT. I wish Mr Bommi district in charge Minister for Belgaum support this as well and stand by Belgaumites and why not ? I will benefit North Karnataka also I wish all Belgaumites and people from North Karnataka would be happy on IIT Belgaums establishment soon.

Source : Extracts from Tarun Bharat

Friday, July 3, 2009

Railways in Belgaum a wishes of Belgaumites

Belgaumites Railway needs. Why Blame Momtaa Diii

An unheard protest recently took place at Basavan Bagewadi station where Belgaum Miraj Passenger train was held up for half an hour. The youth here were asking for up gradation of platform and facilities at Bagewadi station and very importantly they also submitted a demand list including Belgaum Dharwad direct railway line immediately. Our District in charge Minister from Hubli Mr Bommi (Good for Nothing) visited Belgaum recently just to pass by to see whats happening on Kalsa Banduri project , because this is going to supply water to Hubli Dharwad , what is good for then being Palak Mantri.

I would wish to throw some light on whole issue

Are Belgaumites so dumb and careless that we can just go away with “Kisko kya padai hai” and “aree chalta hai chalne do”. Should we not have bigger aspiration for citys development

Even Bagalkot and Bijapur cites with least than 2 Lakhs of population have trains connecting Bangalore, and for We Belgaumites a BIG NOTHING!!!! , are we all not responsible for this NOTHING!!!
The railway budget has nothing for Belgaum this time as our urges and requirements were never carried forward in parliament thorough our elected representative.

Think !!! Some benefits of Belgaum Dharwad rail line become reality

Reduction of travel time and access to Historical sites of Kittur, bringing this place on Deccan Odyssey network.
Few trains can Originate form Belgaum towards Bangalore
Belgaum Bangalore Intercity express
Belgaum Kittur Dharwad Hubli (intercity express and passenger trains )
Belgaum Hubli Bangalore Chennai Express
Belgaum Mysore Express
Belgaum Kochiveli Express
Belgaum Gadag Express
Belgaum Solhapur
Belgaum Vijaywada
Slip Coaches for Vasco Howrah Express to Londa
Slip coaches for Hydrabad to Hubli
Slip coaches for Madgaon to connect Mandovi express to Mumbai
Slip coaches for Madgaon to connect Konkan Kanya express to Mumbai

This line should be doubled and become trunk route in Karnataka till Bangalore.

Well there are infrastructure facilities required which need immediate consideration for all the above things to happen

Marshalling yard at Sambra station for gods train
Pit lines for siding of trains at Belgaum
Fourth platform on the southern end of Belgaum giving better access to people coming
form south suburb of city
Second foot over bridge.
Well this my dream and wish though staying abroad and looking one day Belgaum could have it all soon , and sure will happen some day but We Belgaumites need to thrive for it , I request some prominent citizen of Belgaum to become Member for Rail user committee and attend meeting at SWR HQ Hubli and have our say. Meet our public representative to put forward proposals and requests which I had posted along with Uday on Belgaum Railway development