Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is my Belgaum These are my people "Belgaumites'

A Kannada school for Marathis by Marathis

Extracts from Newindpress Wednesday November 28 2007

BELGAUM: Jamboti village of Khanapur taluk, dominated by Marathis is the best example of linguistic harmony between Kannada and Marathi people. Marathis here are running a Kannada primary school.

Even though there were no Kannada families in and around Jamboti village, the Government had started a Kannada primary school here in 1990. Now the school is being run by Marathis for Marathis, as almost all the students and SDMC members are Marathis. It has become a Kannada school for the Marathi people who have accepted the school as their own, giving education to their children in Kannada.

The school has classes only up to fifth standard. Keeping education away from the language dispute, the SDMC members have maintained the school so well, that they have even urged the Karnataka Government to upgrade the classes to stop their children going to other schools near Khanapur, which is 21 km away.

The school, which is the only Kannada school in and around Jamboti zone, started with just three students. Interestingly, those three were Marathis. Even now most of the students are Marathis.

Even though the villagers plead strongly in favour of Marathi, they prefer to teach their children Kannada so that they can obtain government jobs. It will also help them to be in the mainstream of society, they feels.

In the beginning, the school never used to celebrate Karnataka Rajyotsava, as the villagers who supported the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti, used to observe the establishment day of the state as Black Day.

Now, the school, which is managed by Marathis is celebrating Rajyotsava as in other Kannada schools. Impressed by the school, villagers of Mudagayi near Jamboti, have urged the Government to start a Kannada school in their village as well.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We the Belgaumites

Dear Friends
The following extracts are from Newindpress, What I am seeing is the Karnataka govt take some good initiative for we Belgaumites irrespective of being either Kanaada or Marathi, must be welcomed.
6 new Marathi medium DEd collages is a welcome gesture news but why not our district representative (local politicians) who had taken language divede as a major issue than development are not understanding this.
Belgaum deserve still more, I remember in 1986 when the bus boards of CBT used to be in Kannada Marathi and English and route number use to be in middle. the inegrity of Belgaumites is more important then language and if Belgaum develop its we the Belgaumites to get benefit of it.

At present, the district has 11 Marathi D.Ed colleges and the government has sanctioned 6 more for Marathi medium. The total number of students from Marathi D.Ed colleges would be 1380 for every two years. However, over the last three years the government has provided job opportunities only to 350 students. The Urdu medium D.Ed students are also sailing in the same boat.

The input of each college is 50 students out of, which 25 seats are being filled by government and 25 are from management quota. However, the private managements, which have opted for the D.Ed colleges, are not able to get the students as there is a sudden decrease in the number of students seeking admission, due to more number of colleges in the district.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

News on Belgaum IT SEZ from EQuest

Bangalore 13 Nov 2007

When Quality Engineering and Software technologies Inc. (Quest), an engineering software services company that supports customers including Airbus (for the A380 project), and Boeing (for the 787 Dreamliner project) in the design of airframe and engines, decided to set up a software special economic zone (software SEZ), it decided to go back to its roots, to Belgaum.
M.N. Vidyashankar,
Karnataka IT secretary Quest had been founded in 1997 in Hubli, some 420km northwest of India’s software and offshoring hub Bangalore. Belgaum is about 94km away from Hubli. Yet, it wasn’t history that influenced Quest’s move.
The company now works largely out of offices in Bangalore and, according to Vijay Menon, vice-president, marketing, costs are one reason why its SEZ is coming up in Belgaum. The zone, he added, would be spread across 250 acres and the first phase would be completed by 2008.
Even as costs soar and Bangalore becomes expensive and grid locked—some companies are moving to cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, even Kolkata.
But Karnataka’s tier II cities are also sensing an opportunity and marketing themselves as cost-effective alternatives to their larger cousin. In 2006-07, Karnataka accounted for one-third of the country’s software and back-office services exports of Rs51,700 crore, according to Software Technologies Park, Bangalore, and Karnataka state information technology department.
Of this, Bangalore alone accounted for Rs50,050 crore.
Karnataka’s tier II cities exported software and services worth Rs1,650 crore in the same period according to the state IT department, a growth of 50% over the previous year compared with a 28% growth for Bangalore.
That number, while low, isn’t insignificant. Software and back-office services exports from all of Gujarat in 2006-07 totalled Rs550 crore; Orissa Rs732 crore; and Kerala Rs800 crore, according to the IT departments of the respective states.
Indeed, leaders such as Infosys Technologies Ltd and Wipro Ltd have started ramping up their presence in cities such as Hubli, Dharwad, Mangalore, Manipal, and Mysore.
Smith Dornan Dehn, a Manhattan-based international media and intellectual property firm, which has clients mainly in New York, Los Angeles and London, recently opened a knowledge processing outsourcing centre in Mysore. “It is good to set up our operations in Mysore. Cost of living is much lower here and rentals (too) are lower. Commuting takes much lesser time (in Mysore compared with larger cities),” said Sanjay Bhatia, head of the firm’s operations in India.
Other reasons why companies seem to prefer Karnataka’s tier II cities in addition to operating costs, include quality of life issues for employees and lower attrition levels.
“If we look at attrition, it is as high as 40% to 45% in Bangalore-based business process outsourcing units.
In smaller cities, it is about 5% as most of the employees live with their families and expenses are lower, compared with Bangalore,” said M.N. Vidyashankar, IT secretary of Karnataka.
“Several of the tier II cities have excellent manpower and companies can tap them. Our aim is to spread growth across the state and we will help companies with whatever infrastructure is required to do the same.”
The government-owned Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) is also planning incubation centres in Mysore and Gulbarga. The STPI already has such centres in Bangalore, Mangalore and Hubli.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Ryot Heros Of Belgaum "Jago India Jago"

This is the best story I ever got to paste thanks to newindpress, These bloody governmant officeial needs to be taught a better lesson they should have been striped and beaten instead.

Ryots deal with corrupt official
Source:Express News Service November 8 2007

BELGAUM: ‘Do not test our tolerance, you corrupt officers!’ thundered the farmers of Kednur village who caught a talathi by his collar and forced him to cough up the ‘bribe’ he had allegedly taken for a work.

‘Why should we bear it?,’ asked an angry farmer. Heavy rains this season had ruined their potatoes. The government has announced compensation of Rs 800 per acre which evoked widespread protests because they wanted Rs 10,000 per acre. And the hassles of getting the meager sum prove demeaning for proud farmers. Over and above this trouble was the demand for bribe. ‘‘Our patience has reached the limit,’’ remarked another.

It was K N Dasar, talathi of villages Kedannur, Agasga and Manikeri who earned the ire of farmers. They say he demanded a bribe of Rs 1,500 from each farmer who submitted forms for compensation.

Kedanur village has 160 farmers who cultivated potatoes who suffered loss. Each farmer who approached Dasar to apply for compensation, had to give him Rs 1,500, said the farmers. While many grumbled and acquiesced, Chandram Irrappa Rajai, a poor farmer was unable to meet the demand. He asked for some ‘adjustment’ requesting the talathi to reduced the sum to Rs 500 bribe. He requested Dasar several times to adjust it with bribe of Rs 500 but he was turned back. For this reason, Rajai had to struggle to obtain Rs 1,000 from his friends and relatives and handed it over to the corrupt talathi.

When this news was leaked to Appasaheb Desai, leader of the farmers of the said village, it enraged him.

He along with 100 others picketed the office of Dasar and did not allow him to go out until tahshildar arrived.

L L Mudanal, sub-tahshildar and N N Patil, revenue inspector, Kakati reached the spot. The picketing farmers demanded that either suspend the talathi or the sum be returned. Mudanal’s plea that she would send a report to tahshildar was refused.

Finally the sum was returned with an apology.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Justice Please

An earnest request to people reading my blog mainly lawyers from Belgaum, We all need ot have a say for human cuase, Please check out what what can be done for these people 504 days of satyagraha that too in front of DC office just opposite to court, after all what these people are asking, just their due salary for which they have worked, how shameless and dirty these politicians are usually they hold the post of Chiarman (Chor-man) or president of such sugar factories and then mess up badly ending filling up their kitty and leaving these poor people in fray. We talk of empowering India looking forward for our former "peoples President" Dr APJ Kalam for vision 2020, can we not the youth of country take responsiblity of helping these people with RTA(Right to informatin Act).
I wish I would have been in Belgaum to do a little to them.

Seeking justice: Workers of Raibag Sahakara Sakkare Karkhane staging ‘satyagraha’ in Belgaum on Wednesday.
Source The Hindu 8 Nov 2007

Belgaum: Deepavali, the festival of lights symbolising the triumph of righteousness over spiritual darkness, is one of the important festivals celebrated in the country. But, the festival brings no joy to the workers of the bankrupt Raibag Sahakara Sakkare Karkhane whose “satyagraha” for “justice” entered 504th day on Wednesday.

“What Diwali?” and “Whose Diwali?” is how workers such as M.A. Janvekar, M.R. Attar, M.G. Shirodkar, A.K. Magdhum and S.S. Patil reacted while talking to The Hindu here on Wednesday.

For these workers and several others all festivals have lost their meaning and become irrelevant.

The temporary tent at the entrance of the Deputy Commissioner’s office has been their home since June 22, 2006, when they launched “satyagraha” demanding payment of salary due to them for the past six years. A sum of about Rs. 18 crore is due to the workers and more than Rs. 12 crore is yet to be paid for the growers. The workers said that the Government, after being indecisive on their demand to revive the factory and punish the guilty members of management and officials, decided to lease out the factory to private agencies.

A tender notification was issued on February 12 this year inviting bids under lease-rehabilitate-operate and transfer basis. But some persons approached the High Court and obtained a stay against the tender process.

Though political leaders assured the workers that they would try to get the stay vacated, no progress had been achieved in this regard, said Mr. Patil.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Join hands for Crusade Against Corruption

Pragati Belgaum’ floated
Source ENS: Monday November 5 2007

BELGAUM: Its the ‘Gandhigiri’ of M N Vijaykumar, CADA Admin istrator that has made him establish ‘Pragati Belgaum’ for routing out corruption and making Belgaum ‘corrupt-free’, here on Sunday.

Somaningappa Malagali, freedom fighter inaugurated ‘Praga ti Belgaum’. Speaking on the occasion Vijaykumar said that he had sent letters to 70 government offices of various departments in the district to avail information individually in connection with corruption and developments.

Except for police and health departments, all others responded, he added.Vijaykumar said that his survey revealed corruption is very rampant in most of the government offices . “I will disclose the ranking of the list of offices according to corruption on Nov14,’ he said.

He said that responding to his call about 300 govern ment employees have claimed themselves to be non-corrupt and have signed with the statement on paper.Jayashree, wife of Vijaykumar and Kalyanrao Muchalambi, editor of Hesirukranti were also present.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Officer’s wife vows to fight graft

Dear Belgaumites I earnestly request you all to join the noble gesture and social cause of Corruption in society. Mr Vijay Kumar an IAS officeer is on forefront to wipe out this and we must join hands with him, I would appreciate members on this blog raise more awareness for Public about “Pragati Belgaum”

My Associate blogger Ukmad( help Mr Vijay Kumar to take up the global signature campaign

You can visit to know the naked facts and misdeeds of our Lawmakers please visit
the following site

Source: The Hindu 4 Nov 2007

Belgaum: Jayashree T.N., wife of senior IAS oficer M.N. Vijay Kumar, who is the Administrator of Command Area Development Authority, Malaprabha-Ghataprabha Projects in Belgaum, has joined hands with her husband in fighting white collar corruption in the State.

She claims to be fighting a “lobby” that was harassing her husband.

Mr. Vijay Kumar has not been provided with official accommodation forcing him to spend his nights in CADA premises. The official residential premises of CADA has been leased to a private person, which made a mockery of the rule of law, she alleged.

She told presspersons here on Saturday that a few like-minded persons had come together to launch “Pragati Belgaum” to carry forward the struggle against corruption in Belgaum city and district. It will be launched on Sunday.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mr Ramesh Kudchi you are a Public Servant

"The below story says how our MLA's greed for publicity turns their attitude inhuman, what if the name was not mentioned in the invitation list, these poor ladies would have given good wishes to you , but Mr Kudchi take the curse now"

MLA’s ire: Moms leave sans kit
Thursday November 1 2007 13:39 IST
Source: Express News Service

BELGAUM: Hundreds of women who had brought their new born babies to get Delivery Kits returned home empty hand. The function organised to issue the kits under Madilu scheme was indefinitely postponed following the objections by city MLA Ramesh Kudachi.

Kudachi was peeved at the omission of his name in the invitation card. The beneficiaries - women below poverty line - had come all over the district were in the dark about the goings on. Nobody offered them an explanation for the postponement.

District Health and Family Welfare Department, Women and Child Development Department, District Blindness Control Board and Information and Publicity Department had jointly organised the programme at Women and Child Development office at 11 am.

The District Administration had invited hundreds of women who had delivered babies in government hospitals after Sept 15, 2007. The Madilu kit contains 19 items like sanitary wear, towel, blankets, mosquito net, soaps, body and hair oil.

ZP president Nazeerahmed Nadaf was to inaugurate the scheme and his deputy Laxmi Talwar was to preside the function. Both were present at the venue of the function. After the MLA raised objections, deputy commissioner M E Shivalingmurthy and ZPCEO N Prabhakar, stayed away.

Officials told reporters that they had printed the names of the guests according to the directions of their superior officers.