Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mr Ramesh Kudchi you are a Public Servant

"The below story says how our MLA's greed for publicity turns their attitude inhuman, what if the name was not mentioned in the invitation list, these poor ladies would have given good wishes to you , but Mr Kudchi take the curse now"

MLA’s ire: Moms leave sans kit
Thursday November 1 2007 13:39 IST
Source: Express News Service

BELGAUM: Hundreds of women who had brought their new born babies to get Delivery Kits returned home empty hand. The function organised to issue the kits under Madilu scheme was indefinitely postponed following the objections by city MLA Ramesh Kudachi.

Kudachi was peeved at the omission of his name in the invitation card. The beneficiaries - women below poverty line - had come all over the district were in the dark about the goings on. Nobody offered them an explanation for the postponement.

District Health and Family Welfare Department, Women and Child Development Department, District Blindness Control Board and Information and Publicity Department had jointly organised the programme at Women and Child Development office at 11 am.

The District Administration had invited hundreds of women who had delivered babies in government hospitals after Sept 15, 2007. The Madilu kit contains 19 items like sanitary wear, towel, blankets, mosquito net, soaps, body and hair oil.

ZP president Nazeerahmed Nadaf was to inaugurate the scheme and his deputy Laxmi Talwar was to preside the function. Both were present at the venue of the function. After the MLA raised objections, deputy commissioner M E Shivalingmurthy and ZPCEO N Prabhakar, stayed away.

Officials told reporters that they had printed the names of the guests according to the directions of their superior officers.


sheri sundeep said...

yes this news on the online newspapers and i thought the same ... this is a very small example how the politicians are ... they are more worried about their pride ... infact ego ... these poor ladies, coming from various parts of the district, spending money, along with their kids, come to the city with the hope that something good is happening from the government .. and these politicians ... again have shown their colour ... if my voice can reach the officials, i would request them not to invite any of such politicians henceforth ... let them earn their value with good work ...

kane said...

when u strive to do some work around here u neeed positive feedback to be inspired.....which comes in the form of appreciation when the so called officials do not give the politicians there due this is what happens ...i dont think he was wrong in demanding what went wrong with the invitations since it was not the first time this happened to him there is a limit for patience too ........@sheri sundeep : get ur faccts right before u start ur politician bashing ...did u atleast see some change in bgm development?
blogging is a responsibility blog wih all the facts known mr.nri who wants to improve belgaum sitting in us of a

sheri sundeep said...

yes Mr. Kane .. there have been significant changes in belgaum ... there is no doubt about that ... and the reason why it has changed is different ... we all know what has happened all these years on the name of development ... i wont be going into its depth now ... my questions is if Mr. Kudachi feels that what happened to him was not correct .. then yes ... he has full right to fight for it .. but not on the cost of others life ... my concern was more on the ladies who suffered because of the incident ... even a single rupee mattered for them ... i would again say ... what happened to the ladies because of the incident is not at all right ...
and thank you for replying to my comments ... we need people like u who can think in both the ways ... atleast we can discuss what is right and what is wrong ...
thank you again
sheri sundeep


PLZ GET UR FACTS CORRECT...its obvious that he will be angry ! its a protocol the officials have to follow whenever a state sanctioned program is initiated the city mla heads it when his name goes missing on invitaion card its naturally irresponsibility of the officials and for later which they apologised...BUT IT WAS TOO LATE...
mr.ramesh kudchi is a patient man it has happened to him before but this time he lost his cool if anybody would be in his place u would have too! and regarding feelin the women were victims yes i agree but thats not the end before he could do anything govt dissolved...u can ctually visit his house mornings... everyones invited many of the women in need come there for help he always tries to solve them ....i have been a witness for these accounts once when i needed help from him...i have seen other mlas too they donot respect common men and women as he does

Satyadeep said...

Dear Mr Timepasa and Kane , Thanks for your comments, I would like to visiti Mr Kudchi this time and take a count of his efforts for Belgaum , The real doers are never media savvy ofcourse , sitting in Us of a what I do is just not write , I am in regular touch with industry bigwigs and the formaer CM's, CII Planning commision of India and other union minister of India just to appraise about Belgaum cause and brining investment in Belgaum and thrive its devlopment this is what I believe is my responsiblity