Monday, January 21, 2008

Lessons to learn from Past Kannada Marathi Unity

I request my blog readers to think over the post (Last paragraph) I got from one of the old newsprint of Times of India,

The wrong and right

Bringing Kannada marathi divide among Belgaumites : Utter wrong

Mr More's Balckening of face in Banglore : Utter Wrong
( As a elected representative he have dignity of public servant and mainly respect as human being)Are not Kannadigas staying in Mumbai and Pune and Mahrashtra, are these Bangalorei so called Kannada abhimanis ( bloody Konga's-- migrants from Chennai), have these ever thought about them.

Just look back into history after Babri Masjid issue the middle east started publishing jobs with the tag ( Only muslims and christens need to apply ) the discrminitaion is still on except for professionals who are invited by these countries.

Kumarswamis decison for holding winter session (if aimed as Belgaums devlopemnt and bridge regional imbalance gap then) : Right

Kumarswamis intention to divide our hearts of Belgaumites : Wrong

I request all Belgaumites to stand above language to heal each other wounds and slap on these politicians face, Belgaum's devlopment should become our main interest , livilihood for everyone is all about the basic need for every human being. A tolerant society is my dream but want your eyes to share the same and if any one should open his eyes they should see Belgaum as the city for everyone,
I am not a social reformer ,but do believe in thought process and mind power , ability of an individual to come up and stand out in the times of difficulties, we all might have seen "Rang de Basanti" , dont you all think our society need such awakening , and why not Belgaumite be trendsetters, Unity is strentgh but dont just leave it reading as bunch of words.

If it has happened in the past it can happened today

Jan 2001 Times of India
Belgaum: is belgaum city corporation (bcc) moving away from its language-based politics? the coming together of marathi and kannada groups for the second time in the history of bcc to elect the mayor was an indication towards this. and at the first meeting of the newly elected bcc members, a resolution to merge marathi-speaking areas of karnataka with maharashtra was rejected outright. it was a tradition of the bcc to pass such a resolution pleading with the union government to take an initiative to merge the border areas into maharashtra. the resolution was proposed by the mes and shiv sena, which received a setback when a section of marathi corporators, led by sambhaji rao patil, joined hands with kannada-urdu group to come to power. to the disappointment of mes-shiv sena, the ruling members passed another resolution giving a new twist to the long-standing border dispute between maharashtra and karnataka. the members made it clear that they would welcome any decision taken at the proposed meeting between karnataka and maharashtra at the initiative of pm vajpayee. this did not go well with the opposition. when mayor vandana belgundkar gave her ruling, the mes and shiv sena rushed to the well of the house and stalled the proceedings. mayor suspended the disrupting corporators and had to adjourn the house when they did not relent. the ``knockout punch'' came from sambhaji rao patil. he is an active and powerful pro-marathi leader in belgaum city. he said: ``they are not ready to resolve the border dispute. what they need is to keep the issue alive to reap political benefits.'' former mayor shivaji shuntkar earlier tabled the resolution, which was opposed by mlas ramesh kudchi and manohar kadolkar and sambhaji rao patil. the resolution states that belgaum, khanapur, nippanni, karwar, bidar, bhalki and other areas should be merged with maharashtra. it may be recalled that cm krishna had taken an initiative to create a platform for both marathi and kannada corporators to come together and prepare an agenda for the development of belgaum. he had also announced a special developmental package for belgaum.



Hi Satish:
I strongly feel that the elected mayor of any city should focus on the development of the city. He should not be a puppet or indulge himself which is not in his capacity..We all should ask what were the mayor's acheivement as far as development is concerned..I am sure its nothing...
As far as the corporators are elected from belgaum..its a pity to see them satish, they dont know the real motto of them being elected there. its either on the language issue or money and alchol.
I have seen these coroporators, they are really cheap and dont know head and tail of urban development and civic amenities.
What we really need to do is create a platform where we have the youth and the women folk get together fight against the state government to draw attention towards belgaum and get more funds. How do you expect an uneducated mayor to go talk to the state government and convince them to give extra funds???. its just like any other sales you need to pitch, These characters can't pitch for nuts and they only know one thing...the language issue..

sheri sundeep said...

Mr. KRV u are absolutely right .... and what u said can only be done by the youth ... we need more youth who can come forward .. discuss as well as impliment ideas to tackle such an import issue ... its high time that we youths should do something to our belgaum and hence the country ... we more awareness about these issues ... this particular blog along with Uday's blog can play their part but not to a large extent ... we need local media as well to join us in this drive ...
i hope i am right to an extent ...


Dear Sundeep:
You can call me rajeev, We already have a youth movement that is working in the direction towards the development of belgaum district. Since the system is rigid and we have to always come on the streets and agitate to attract the government's attention. KRV is the youth movement started purely to surge beyond the linguistic and border issue and focus on development. KRV belgaum has been constantlt pressurising the government on Urban development, civic amenities, education, industrial development and providing basic amenities in rural area. Some of the successful initatives taken up by KRV Belgaum are IT & textile parks, Ring Road, Winter sessions, Vidhana soudha infrastructure in Belgaum, roads, permissions to get schools in rural areas, providing self employment to women in some areas, providing civic amenities in certain areas, pressurised and co-ordinated with the district administration to have a investors meet, which unforutatley didnt take off as expected.
Some of the projects are approved by the goverment and are in the process.
We have the youth movement which is working, We just need alot of collaboration and exchange of ideas and views, Our efforts should not be limited to just blogging on the the net. I think we all guys on the blog here should effectively network with other NRI belgaumites, and go steps ahead of blogging and organize events that will have industry and government participation to get both investments and pressurise the government to do work here.

sheri sundeep said...

this is wonderfull ... u made me aware of so many things ... hmmm ...
i am a student and will be in bangalore after august ... if i can do something please do tell me .. mail me on .. ..