Sunday, January 13, 2008

Say No To kalasa Banduri nala Project

I have added a new site called Delta Resort (Belgaum sports and Adveture section) covering vide ecology of Belgaum and western ghat , the Kalsa banduri nala is going to spoil the whole ecological balance.

The main aim of kalsa Bandulri nala was only to source water supply for Hubli dharwad which it already getting through mallaprabha dam , the catchment area of this dam has aleady shrunk as the water
supply ment for irrigation is reduced to
great extent and even if kalasa banduri nala wil be cut accorss ther would be one more problem this water will not either be useful for drinking or for irrigation as the effulients of certian factories pass though this kalasa stream to main Mhadayi (Mandovi) Kalsa and Surla are the main tributeires to Mandovi river and originate in south west part of Kankumbi mountain range.

The activist here have already taken up arms against this project and sure it wouldnt come in force even the Goa Government is in full support to these activist and helped to avoid in disturbing the ecology.

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Vishal Kumar N Jain said...

Dear Mr. Satyadeep,

I appreciate your concern for the ecology. At the same time, as a citizen of Hubli - Dharwad, I would like to highlight some points of importance.

Although, Hubli - Dharwad is getting water from Malaprabha dam, it is hardly sufficient for the ever-increasing demand in the growing cities. The common man of the two cities face lot of hardships when it comes to supply of potable water.

Hence, the Kalasa Banduri Nala is a much required project.

As far as the technical aspects of the project are concerned, I feel the agencies implementing the project need to look into the issues raised by you.

Have a nice day.

Vishal Kumar N Jain.