Wednesday, February 20, 2008

VTU for Name sake in north Karnataka

I was deeply upset over the recent attitude and act of state government especially education department and vice chancellors of VTU
The VTU Bosh and Rexorth R & D centre is opened in Mysore and even the German tool room was established at Bangalore, the e-learning studio of VTU is in Mysore,

Why not the proper expansion of VTU takes place in Belgaum , why the government have this sham and show off in showing its attitude towards North Karnataka in general and Belgaum in particular,

North Karnataka cities mainly Belgaum and twin cities hubli dharwad are the best potent cities with diverse culture and skilled manpower resource ,

I highly feel off for such attitude of state government, I want Beklgaumites to come forward and fight for such discrimination , Why not Belgaum have such development centre and studios

The wake up call some weakness and strength

Strength :Belgaum contributes second largest revenue to state and first in horticulture export
Weakness: Cargo handling facility at Belgaum Airport for agriculture and horticulture export was planned and never executed.

Strength: Equidistant to Bangalore Mumbai and Hyderabad
Weakness : No initiative form state government for Belgaum-Dharwad and Belgaum-Bagalkot-Raichur Rail line

Strength: American and foreign universities, GEMS education interested to establish educational township in Belgaum
Weakness : lack of political will and slow response form state government to make investor friendly approach towards Belgaum

Still at Large

IT park ( only foundation stone , no facilities)
Textile Park ( Private partnership , in progress)
Power generation projects ( 1 Shelved and 2 are on hold for indefinite time)
Food and Agriculture park (bureaucratic delays and lack of support to contractor)
International cricket stadium ( only land allotted and no further move on it)
Airport expansion funds available with state government from AAI but not ready to utilize for settlement of farm land acquired by farmers , fight over the cost of land
Ring road , just ringing around in papers
Suvarna Vidhan Suadha , only foundation stone
Vaccine institute to be developed in Belgaum as research centre, no further news on it
Auto complex an utter flop due to lack of proper planning , lot of entrepreneurs investing in border district of Maharashtra.

Well there are many still but will never work till are made aware and brought to public notice

Let Belgaum flourish and we the Belgaumites reap benefits of it


ukmad said...

Dear Satish,
Very well said, after reading all that what has Belgaum got is the biggest Q. All on paper nothing in real thats the thruth I guess.


Satish, We have started a hunger strike in front of the regional commissioner's office from 21st feb. The last Government did listen to our demands and has given approval and finance clearance to the Vidhana soudha. 280 crores is already allocated to this building but no progress on this front. IT and textile park are also stuck in similar situation. The ring road work was already given to a company from jaipur but is stuck because of harish chandra, secretary Urban development coz he has not received his cut.
15 activists from karnataka rakshana vedike under my leadership are on hunger strike demanding the works to immediately start on the above said projects.
since the government is planning the budget now we are also demanding the following:
1. special package for development of roads and civic amenities for khanapur, belgaum taluka.
2. upgradation of school infrastructutre in bordering areas of belgaum, khanapur, chikodi, hukkeri.
3. To declare a budget for proper sanitation and sewage system for belgaum city.
We hope by 23rd the government will scumb to our protest and things should move in the positive direction.
We will threaten VTU not to setup centres elsewhere..I said threated and thats how its working here..


from 21st feb, 15 activists from our movement are on a hunger strike protesting for government's negligence on the projects cleared by the kumarswamy government.
Kumarswamy government had approved most of our demands and given finance dept. clearnace to vidhana soudha building.
Today, Vidhana soudha, IT park, Textile park, ring road are on the same platform and the governor nor the officials are doing anything about it..
To pressurize the governor and the bureacracy we are going on a indefinite hunger strike asking the government to immediately commence work on these projects.
We are also demanding roads and other civic amenities in belgaum, khanapur, chikodi taluks.
We are also demanding for upgradation of schools in the above taluks

Anonymous said...


We north kannadigas are totally different from southern karnatak in all aspects of life. Our cultures are different, our festivals are different, food habits are diffrent, dressing styles were different till recently (25-30 years ago), lingo is different. No native families from either parts of the state want to have social relation by marrying their kids willingly.

It is just because some idiotic political bedmates made this situation long ago. It's high time that we should fight for separate state hood for progress of this region as elected representatives have to work for something to get elected in the next term.

There could be some arguments or may be no arguments from south karnatak politicians, because of kannada speaking people, karnatak was born, but definitely there could be two states speaking the same language as there are many states in north india having hindi as common language. I wonder whether there would be any opposition from south karnatak for this move. There are may issues which made me to believe so. One of them is north karnatak came to stand still during Kaveri water rows, whare as many issues like high court, railway, New IIT being shifted from Dharwad to Andra Pradesh. No response or a procession carried in south Karnatak on any of the problems, issues we face here.

Otherwise, this is futile and never ending process to woo officials and north karnatak politicians (little short of eunuchs as they have hopefully their own kids) to create good atmosphere for business and industries.

Anonymous said...

mr. anonymous .... its not just because of the south karnataka politician's politics we are here in this situation .... its because of our north karnataka politicians .... especially bloody hubli-dharwad politicians ... they want everything for them ... they make sure that if they donot get anything other districts in north karnataka shouldn't get it .. this is one of the major reasons north karnataka is not developing ... what ever belgaum has ... they want it .. and if belgaum is getting something ... they make sure that somehow its is stopped ...


instead of complaining and blaming others, we have to join forces and
fight, what is wrong with the educated youth of belgaum?. why are they
not standing up and fighting for their cause. its only the youth in
the rural areas I see are motivated and spare time to get together and
belgaum has suffered a huge brain drain but the educated youth just
want to go to b'lore or b'bay.
today for the development of the city its not the youth from the city
but the rural youth come here and fight.
we need a body which will chanelize the force behind city youth to
take up their own cause.

Satyadeep said...

All we can do is set a online and Printed pettiion and send it to all collages in Belgaum and submit the papers to Govt copy to VC and to all district MP's
On Printed pettiion I am ready to pay for legal cost also trying to get in support of other NRI's and the pettion should state moving all these things to Belgaum

There are many other issues
Railway budget is all screwed up nothing for Belgaum nomention of Dharwad Belgaum line no new trains on Bengalore Pune via Hubli Belgaum sector

Lets try unite and fight

Uday is good at forum building register ur memails and we can have more suggestions and directions to proceed



I was thinking of your plan in the morning on how to take students on our stride, the exams are in the corner, it will be difficult to woo them at this hour.
I have spoken very strong against both the MPs and Congress state leaders who are slave of the congress high command and are not doing enough for our cause.
Ask Uday to send pamphlets in colleges, I can go with him and convince the youth, lets see if we can take thier support...
Its much needed, I can draw the youth from rural areas, But everytime I call them I incur a huge logistics costs...
If only the local youth from colleges can be inspired to start this movement..We can definelty pressuirize the government to most of our demands

Satish said...

I agree its wrong to woo students since exams are in corner, well I will go ahead with online pettion first and also if you can workout legal cost for pettion to govt and Karnatak I can make the funds arrangments.
About the phamplets, i have a strong suggestion first we need to unite people of all langauges and build a larger sense of being a Belgaumite first , NDTV is already running program for certain city based develment intiatives ,I can check with them on this also , and ropew in some sponsorship for a program on Belgaum too.

Lets bring up a true youth movment...

Anonymous said...


It is not fighting about or complaining. Yes, it is injustice to north karnataka people. What I feel is that, these issues to be brought to everybody's notice and bring people participating into this agenda.

I suggest you to make list of lost opportunities we lost. IIT to be built in Andra Pradesh was proposed in Dharwad first. There are innumerable incidences like these. We should high light them for our cuase.


sonu .... said...

what about tata motors which was proposed in belgaum taken away to dharwad ..... what do u say about that .... dont u think we are facing the injustice in our own state and we speak of others .... ask hubli-dharwad stop taking our piece of meal ......

Anonymous said...

Not even TELCO The high court bench was initiated by AB Patil for golden jublee celibration of Belgaum bar association the oldest in the state and the law collage in Belgaum was first in the state as wellm, but Mr Patil Puttapa and compnay initally said High court bench anywhere in North Karnatka and finally they have it in Hubli Dharwad, this is true Belgaum has lost more I am not surprised if they are feeling off for the loss of IIT

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

This is what I say herd mentality. KRV, leave politicians doing this power gain for Hubli, dharwad, Belgaum or Bijapur, citizens or common man do not have broad perspective. We are acting like a frog in the pond. We should look at Gujrat, how may industries they have and in almost all cities, not belguam or dharwad.


Anonymous said...

One more to join for the cause of social development of belgaum.No doubt Hubli/Dharwad is favorites of Our Karnataka MLA.But others have wokenup & raising their voice.Marathi people should join their hands for the common cause of belgaum development.This unity is a must for belgaum & good for belgaumites

Anonymous said...

Hi, An excellent piece. It reflects the real situation of North Karnataka, not only about a particular city like Belgaum, Hubli etc... I also applaud the efforts of KRV for helping the people of Karnataka.

As I have spent a good part of my life in NK (Belgaum, Dharwad, Bagalkot), I can say, the entire NK area is neglected. It would a be major blow to us, if we are don't show a united face, but unfortunately some members have started it here. "United we Stand Divided we Fall"

People of Bagalkot were really overjoyed on hearing about "Horticulture University", but not much progress. Dharwad people complain about Hubli lawyers (for High court bench location) and they are still sore that a lot of Govt offices were shifted from Dharwad to Belgaum in 1970s... Also, Belgaum deserves an IT SEZ and Vidhana Soudha but people who can influence it, are NOT interested.

TATA Motors is a private intiative, they will go wherever they want whether it is Singur/ PantNagar etc...

In a nutshell we all have ups and downs, but let us forget the past and work for the future.

We can be civil, even if we differ in our ideas /opinions.

Thanks everyone...

subbu said...

Belgaum has always been at the receiving end of the powers be at the state level.It is so unfortunate that the local leaders,if you can so call them, of different political parties,have never exercised their voice at the state headquarters.You cant really blame them.They cannot find time from their routine of filling their pockets 24 x7.Who the hell cares for the people of Belgaum.It is now for the people of Belgaum to take a stand.A leader of utmost honesty,integrity has to be found to fight this economic terrorism that is inflicted on the common man.The so called leaders have to be made accountable to the people.A peoples court?Maybe ,it is only a pipe dream,hoping that it will come true someday.Not to forget the divisive politics that is played to remain in power.