Monday, March 3, 2008

Stop linguistic groupism

I am surprised over the silly fight in Zilla parishad threatening of particular linguistic identity for the support of formation of group supporting a particular mayor based on language , MP’s and MLA’s are threatened, it looks more uncivilized act.

I believe we must not be lingual fanatic, why cant we people of Belgaum think unilateral and work for progress and development of ward , blocks, area and city , instead people are threatening Urdu group Marathi group Kannada group , MP’s MLA’s what is this going on, for me all these seems to be cheap.

We the youth of Belgaum need to understand and stand apart form this groupism , it doesn’t matter what language we speak, these old thugs or so called coporators or whatever elected members, if carry some good sense then let them understand to make Belgaum a peaceful city for everyone.

I request all KRV activist, who can thrive youth movement and try to evict Kannada based agendas and support city and its people based agenda and it is only we youth can make difference.

I myself know five languages, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi and Konkani and feel proud as have soul of Indian first. We are forgetting that all these languages have originated from Sanskrit, our genetic roots tells us we were all one then, India was vast from Burma to Iran borders, Think Why we have shrunk today and left with what, hatred among ourselves for just a matter of language.

We should believe in city with civic amenities of water, drainage, roads infrastructure, public transport and clean and green Belgaum no matter who do it, and everyone live in peace and harmony.

This is not a dream but can be reality, I call on the youth of Belgaum to become coroporators , bureaucrats do join politics but with fair and better image of yourself and then bring in the change, Youth constitutes the largest chunk of modern Indian population but if we still lack to live together we will never have a better city , a state or country for coming generation.


Anonymous said...

You may see these words but in reality nothing will happen.The KRV is just fighting for Kannada people and when Raj Thackrey fights for Marathi people all go against him.
In Belgaum the problem is Lingustic an even if anyting happens this difference will not go. The best way the yout hcan contibute is by voting the right candidates.
The mayor election was some what like the Goa assembly elections today 2 go here then one day they decide to go there and the mayor will fall and some one new will come up. We need to change the way democracy works

Anonymous said...

Is this a KRV blog, i thought you were doing a very ncie job of writing here earlier but now it seems this is a KRV blog.

Satyadeep said...

No it is not a KRV blog excuse my words if they have gone ever bised towards any perticular langauge group, this topic I have asked KRV youth wing to attain themself on bringing youth togather which offcourse means people from all langauge,
For me the agenda is Belgaum first and it constitute all langauges, people religion cast and creed.
But whatver may be the outcome I want the new mayor to work for Belgaum's development , peoples grevances , city's beautification and offcourse we need to have all signboards Marathi Kannada and English
I dont endorse Belgavi , Belgon but yes I do endorse and want to have a common poitn of veiw, A view thourgh Belgaumites eyes for this beautiful city of ours

Anonymous said...

Now thats a nice view you have and all should have but to tell you hte new mayor dont expect anything ..they are just puppets who will dance to somebody elses tune. they are there in office because the office is there.
Also try and co ordinate with its a nice place to get all views about bgm in a short and nice manner

Satyadeep said...

Dear Anonymous
Belgaumblog is run by Uday K we are already blog buddies and have associated lsiting and jointly worked on certain devlopmental highlights on Belgaum Railways station and new rail lines



Dear Guys:
FIRST OF ALL I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR, KRV fights for everyone in Belgaum and we are not against any language, We are only against MES which uses border issue to come to power. If they are really interested in Marathi people, they should have developed all marathi areas and villages, Do you know the fact each MES MLA makes a lot of money by supporting Rajya Sabha and Vidhana Parishat members by taking a atleast 50 lakhs..The members contesting are primarily from Karnataka..
KRV Belgaum is headed by youth who have moderate values and are instrumental in getting alot of infrastructure and development in belgaum.
Today Belgaum's second capital status, IT park, Textile park, Chorla goa Road and alot of other development work have been initated by us.

Satyadeep said...

Dear Friends,
Do we Belgaumites need and identity tag as Marathi or Kannadgia, I beleive we ar good as Belgaumites first. Belgaum is just not a lingustic province its a very cosmo kind of place stands distinct in the whole region.
It is true that MES have failed in bringing devlopment to Belgaum and by this I dont say any Kannada group has brought any change in past because it is the true fact the state government had ignored Belgaum a lot, despite I have mentioned earlier on the same Blog that it has happened in the past it can happpen in today , I had written about unity , Kannad and Marathi people came togather and made the difference of building a better Belgaum for evryone.
It is not time to now blame on who wants what (I mean the elected memebrs) It is time for a common Belgaumite, WE YOUTH and yes be it KRV or a new Marthi Youth wing thinks on lines of commounity devlopment on the whole must come togather sort out deifference at home.

Agendas should be

Goverenance in Kannada Marathi and English.
Equal opportunities and common values for representation.
Active say in Politics , to change mindset of old junkies and muddleheads.

I believe we would thrive for best in future.

Anonymous said...

start a MISSION BELGAUM will support it no langauge barrier. just think about it