Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why State Govt is not using Money alloted for Belgaum

We all are aware about the budget allotment for Belgaum ie 50 crores for State Captial Building and 10 crore for Airport, (incase if we are dividing 100 crore by 10 Airports in the state including the new one at Hassan, Bijapur Raichur and Gulbarga Shimogga).

A sum of 15 crore was relased aerlier for expansion , but nothing yet haappned at belgaum the runway carpeting was finsihed recently , the VIP terminal and restoring HIRL and apron expansion is still at large , the state government is not taking interest in Land acquistion.

Our district representatives are busy with election and Language diplomacy diverting people, Why and How far will it go this way , We Belgaumites need to think on this,

What do you all say ????

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