Monday, January 5, 2009

Valuable thoughts

Dear Readers I would like to share a letter sent to me, It really means and worth a well-off words not just for we NRI's but for every fellow Belgaumties and All Indians too.

Dear Satish, I am an NRI, worry for my country, I am sending the following thoughts, which I feel is must to save our next generations.

I think a thorough cleansing is needed in our system, right from thinking level to attitude of every individual. Some new era, or new air has to be in our system.We need to have the value based education system, and philosophy in our education.These are the main factors which are lagging in us, thus resulting into crimes, underdeveloped status, and loss making. Why are we deprived of basic needs such as water, roads, electricity (since 30 years+). Plus behavior, attitude, all are reaching to alarming state. We are under false illusion that we are developed, in what?? Is there any solution? Yes we have, Allow NRIs, clean professionals to be as a part of the system and see the improvement. All our leaders are either criminals, or money busters. Can you show a single leader who can really worry about our people and motherland? Stop this idiotic system, develop a think tank party and admit only leaned, NRIs and professionals with zero crimes, and see the difference. In Singapore, if a person is graduated from the top University, Government will invite and provide a MP seat, can we do it by providing a corporate seat atliest?
We worry about a lot in language issues, but language is a code our ancestors developed to communicate, but what we are doing? fight for language, blacken the boards written in Kannada/Marathi. Is it not an attitude problems? Has any party fought for drinking water, unemployment, roads or hunger. But they fight for language, temples, religion? Are we not idiots and ignorant fools? What is the difference between other underdeveloped countries and us? we are all more or the less same right? THUS WE NEED A CLEANSING.


ukmad said...

all said and done, but its we who elect the ones who are there. The water tariff hike done today is very bad but who opposed the marathi speaking is it that only they use water, the policy makers are a shit they need to be changed
kannada and marathi will prevail till end

Praveen Bhagoji said...

Hi Satish,

I respect the thoughts you shared & am always ready to work on it, thus please keep me posted when ever you need me.

Currentely as a responsible human being I am demonstrating my duties towards implementing these thoughts...........

Praveen. Bhagoji.