Friday, August 14, 2009

Belgaum’s growing Technological profile, Why IIT Belgaum still far ?

In the recent past at Belgaum two new Engineering collages took shape, SCET ( Shaikh Collage of Engineering and Technology)of PEST Education Society and SGBT Shri S.G. Balekundri collage of Engineering taking the total number of engineering collages to five in the city The new generation of talent pool is taking shape in the little known city of Belgaum to the real world outside.

The IIT Belgaum demand has submerged somewhere not known Why? Just in wait and what next to happen. The Belgaumites are yet to be awakened, and the sorry state of our elected representatives goes as usual.

The area near Buthramatti is growing more out of an educational township since many collage is housing up here and even the MLA who’s soul had woken up for IIT Belgaum suggested the same area.

Now from here where would we go ? When is the reality of Veer Rani Chanamma University would be taking shape and if so in near future, will it still have the same shabby old building , I though believe there is no derth of architects to design an University in Belgaum with both modern and historic blends to shape it off.

On The VTU as I wrote about its name sake survival in Belgaum before and both the center of excellence of VTU been developed in Mysore and Bangalore, where international collaboration were involved , do we prefer to get the same no-preferential and discriminatory treatment from state government to come in near future , “If NO” then I appeal first the Belgaumites and our elected representatives and finally the State government to stop enough unfair treatment to Belgaum and get on with sanction of IIT at Belgaum immediately, and none the less even relocate the center of excellence back to Belgaum at VTU Premises.


Sundeep Sheri said...

This exactly whats happening .. every time a new new development work is woken .... its only either for political hype or inability of our elected members to convince the higher authorities ... i personally feel its the second issue of not being able to convince and get back the works for belgaum done thats predominant in our elected members ...

Anonymous said...

Mr Satish Kumar,
Development at whose cost.Do you know what happens to the the small farmers after loosing cultivable and fertile land.Farmers are not greedy.Do you sell your plots at Govt rates.By creating cement jungle on farmers land, you are not doing any great thing.You are snatching the livelihood of thousands of hapless farmers.Are you aware of rates of vegetables in Belgaum.Think twice before acquiring black gold around Belgaum particularly Kudachi,Mutage,Sambra and Balekundri.