Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quest Belgaum and Sambra Airport

QUEST Belgaum Launch Thumps UP ,but Down with Short sighted Belgaum MP’s MLA and the government

It was real good news for Belgaum on Quest launch with headlines in leading news papers, opening window of opportunity for future development of this place, but there are few every opening facts which I believe must shown to the world .

The good thing

1) Quest I going to create 7000 jobs in near future at Belgaum
2) New MNC SABCA Belgium, FARIAN France and Magellan (In fact Magellan is already had started the establishment,
3) Restoration of Air service in next three months

The third point I have some reservation about load factor , it is true we had no much load factor on Bangalore sector but there was enough manageable load on Mumabi Belgaum sector, but still why did government curtailed services and forced to keep Bangalore Belgaum sector open. Why did Belgaum doesn’t get a cross sector flight as that of Hubli , such as Bangalore Mumbai via Belgaum sector, with these kind of load factor shared the airline doest loose income, why two yard sticks for Belgaum and Hubli, my assessment for last four years is Belgaum Mumbai sector load factor was 87% so how can this be low pax sector. Why is state government is more interested in keeping a via Air service in Hubli and not in Belgaum.

The short sightedness of MP’s MLA of Belgaum and state government, on Such a big launch event none of them thought of potential of Belgaum to be one f the MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhauling) base in future, they can still justify the acquiring of 350 acre of land for Airport expansion,

The bad one
Some facts on Belgaum Airport on land acquisition

Some comments from belgaumite called Jagidsh Sheety ( or may be Jagdish setter) (Who this person I don’t know an what he know but the local topography and people) is being lot published on “Why govt acquired fertile land”, let me tell you about this so called place Sambra Airport Area , the farmers are already being selling land to private developers on higher cost (the recent one being Mantri developers) so when it comes to giving to government they start knowing about its fertility , I myself owe three plots on such so called fertile land till date in Balemkundri Pant nagar and Sambra , and out of which I have already constructed a house as well, The factor here is not at all about fertility or loss of livelihood , most of these farmers have very small land holding average of 3 acres per family individual, and selling land for plot development is big bucks then acquiring from government on fixed rate, so the matter is finally about greed .

Some light on Naval Stock and base repair depot , it is much genuine if defense establishment acquire these land , why should on have objection on country security.

Well I just share my thoughts otherwise I still see a ray of growth no matter what the farmers fight for or the politicians fix the rates or private developers vow these village folks with greed lurking out of their mouth,

A developed Belgaum is my entire dream


ukmad said...

we also bear the same dream

Gudiya said...

I wish it comes true....