Monday, November 5, 2007

Join hands for Crusade Against Corruption

Pragati Belgaum’ floated
Source ENS: Monday November 5 2007

BELGAUM: Its the ‘Gandhigiri’ of M N Vijaykumar, CADA Admin istrator that has made him establish ‘Pragati Belgaum’ for routing out corruption and making Belgaum ‘corrupt-free’, here on Sunday.

Somaningappa Malagali, freedom fighter inaugurated ‘Praga ti Belgaum’. Speaking on the occasion Vijaykumar said that he had sent letters to 70 government offices of various departments in the district to avail information individually in connection with corruption and developments.

Except for police and health departments, all others responded, he added.Vijaykumar said that his survey revealed corruption is very rampant in most of the government offices . “I will disclose the ranking of the list of offices according to corruption on Nov14,’ he said.

He said that responding to his call about 300 govern ment employees have claimed themselves to be non-corrupt and have signed with the statement on paper.Jayashree, wife of Vijaykumar and Kalyanrao Muchalambi, editor of Hesirukranti were also present.

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