Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Justice Please

An earnest request to people reading my blog mainly lawyers from Belgaum, We all need ot have a say for human cuase, Please check out what what can be done for these people 504 days of satyagraha that too in front of DC office just opposite to court, after all what these people are asking, just their due salary for which they have worked, how shameless and dirty these politicians are usually they hold the post of Chiarman (Chor-man) or president of such sugar factories and then mess up badly ending filling up their kitty and leaving these poor people in fray. We talk of empowering India looking forward for our former "peoples President" Dr APJ Kalam for vision 2020, can we not the youth of country take responsiblity of helping these people with RTA(Right to informatin Act).
I wish I would have been in Belgaum to do a little to them.

Seeking justice: Workers of Raibag Sahakara Sakkare Karkhane staging ‘satyagraha’ in Belgaum on Wednesday.
Source The Hindu 8 Nov 2007

Belgaum: Deepavali, the festival of lights symbolising the triumph of righteousness over spiritual darkness, is one of the important festivals celebrated in the country. But, the festival brings no joy to the workers of the bankrupt Raibag Sahakara Sakkare Karkhane whose “satyagraha” for “justice” entered 504th day on Wednesday.

“What Diwali?” and “Whose Diwali?” is how workers such as M.A. Janvekar, M.R. Attar, M.G. Shirodkar, A.K. Magdhum and S.S. Patil reacted while talking to The Hindu here on Wednesday.

For these workers and several others all festivals have lost their meaning and become irrelevant.

The temporary tent at the entrance of the Deputy Commissioner’s office has been their home since June 22, 2006, when they launched “satyagraha” demanding payment of salary due to them for the past six years. A sum of about Rs. 18 crore is due to the workers and more than Rs. 12 crore is yet to be paid for the growers. The workers said that the Government, after being indecisive on their demand to revive the factory and punish the guilty members of management and officials, decided to lease out the factory to private agencies.

A tender notification was issued on February 12 this year inviting bids under lease-rehabilitate-operate and transfer basis. But some persons approached the High Court and obtained a stay against the tender process.

Though political leaders assured the workers that they would try to get the stay vacated, no progress had been achieved in this regard, said Mr. Patil.


Anonymous said...

Respected Mr.satyadeep,
I respect your views about human rights but I really hope you had first hand information and knew the root cause before publishing the comments you gave about the chairman and the workers.Firstly every news in the newspaper is not factual.there is always a story behind it.I know the chairman closely and he is not the kind of person to fill his pockets infact he would empty out the last penny to the poor.Certain other politions thought wrong of this idea and decided to alledge false cases causing it to close down.
there is more to it but thats all you need to know for know.
Next time verify before you publish a post.
Its not a warning its a request this time.Kindly republish your comments regarding the factory against certain elements of the society who are doing ill to the chairman.Once again its just a friendly request.Let me know when you are in india so we can talk about the issue.
Its a request not a warning .
A Freind Of The Nation.

Satyadeep said...

Dear Friend Of the nation
Thanks for your comments, well I am not defending myself for anything , but would like to tell you that I am indicating politicians in general, holding these kind of posts such as chairman or any other they usually end up doing this, but I have apathy for these workers and farmers yes its true that I have failed to check the authenticity of this information from the news print as it was passed by PTI before printing, The reposting of this info does not show any bias towards a particular personality but only an attempt to highlight a social concerns for yours and mine, and in particular of a resident of Belgaum, Why not Mrs Vidhya Markumbi (Renuka Sugars) take this unit to run and turn every farmers and even the workers. I will write to her and would try this factory start functioning soon, and the agitation shed off.
Proud and concerned Citizen of (Belgaum) India